Come into a surprising play of mirrors in which these techniques are echoed

Odile Frachet works in either painting and/or sculpture; there is no hierarchy between these two artistic expressions that she handles in turn; passing continually from one to the other.

She “keeps” from her course as a ceramist-sculptor – a penchant for building, assembly, volume, and in her pictoral work – the quest for “beautiful” material.
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The artist chooses to stage her work in a form of series. We can find one of the solar disk, another proposing boats, which, according to Odile Frachet, enable the viewer to “travel the cosmos”, a series of gates which she calls also the faces, the memory- scrolls similar to horns and of course the painting in response to the sculpture which the artist enjoys qualifying “the abstract figuration”.

She uses pictoral language without anecdotal reference, leaving the spectator the freedom of infinately creating his own images.
From 1988, her sketches of forms on paper drew her irrevocably toward painting.
Since then, animated – by one or other of these “mediums” everything plays out between transparence and opacity, contrasts between warm and cool colours.
Through her production and numerous exhibitions in France and across the globe Odile Frachet is an artist in keeping with her time: by her bubbling imagination and perpetual search for harmony, balance and meaning in her work.
The painting and sculpture in the work of Odile Frachet lie on a basis of a cocktail of spontaneity and surprises.
©Odile Frachet